Antique refrigerator compressor replacement

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Antique refrigerator compressor replacement

A refrigerator compressor is one of the most important parts of a fridge because it compresses the refrigerant, which helps keep your food cool. While a bad fridge seal and other issues can cause your fridge's food to get warm and spoil, so can a damaged or worn-out compressor. Before starting the installation process, unplug the unit from the power outlet. Then, remove the contents of the fridge and put them in another fridge or icebox temporarily.

Next, locate the old compressor. Use a screwdriver, if necessary, to remove the guard and expose the compressor. Inspect the compressor to check if it has a capacitor.

Detach the wiring and the valves on the old compressor from the capacitor to remove it from its spot. Uninstall any mounting hardware.

Then, purchase a new compressor with the same model to ensure an exact fit. New refrigerators may be more efficient than an older unit with a new compressor. Connect the capacitor to the new compressor following the correct wiring code as provided by your manufacturer. Refrigerant makes the compressor work. If the refrigerator is an older unit, you will need to add more R22 refrigerant.

If it is new, then you will need Rc refrigerant, unless the manufacturer recommends a different kind. Before charging the unit with a refrigerant, you need to pull a vacuum. To do this and add refrigerant, follow all directions as provided by your fridge's manufacturer. In addition, ensure your fridge isn't leaking any of this refrigerant. If it is, fix the issue before replacing it. Afterward, check the valves on the refrigerator and connect them to the compressor. Since fridges come with different compressors, make sure to follow the valve and wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer when installing the new compressor.

After the wiring and valves have been connected, reinstall the metal guard back and test the unit to see if it works. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

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antique refrigerator compressor replacement

Toggle navigation subscribe. How to Install a Refrigerator Compressor. Written by Shereyll Pineda. What You'll Need. New fridge compressor. Wire stripper. Working gloves. Step 1 - Unplug the Unit Before starting the installation process, unplug the unit from the power outlet.

New Fridge: Repairing Your Refrigerator. Appliances Projects For Beginners Step-by-step. Popular Articles. How to Install a Heat Pump Compressor. How to Change an Air Conditioner CompresSkip to main content Refrigerator Compressors.

I have an older Amana refrigerator that stopped working all of a sudden. My initial assessment was that the capacitor is broken.

I found this replacement product and ordered it. Order arrived on time and it looked a bit smaller than the original but the capacitor fits and it started to work as soon as I plugged the refrigerator back in. This saved me a potential service call!!

Product works as it should and my refrigerator is back in business. See All Buying Options. Part was exactly as advertised and was far less cost than what was quoted by local repair service. Replaced and refrigerator works fine. Works great, can be used on many different refrigerators. Product as listed, still troubleshooting.

Not same as original, however has same specs listed as original and fits Whirlpool et8wtexmq What could I lose?. I installed it and the refrigerator is running again, I bought two more just in case.

Well worth trying and using. This was So far the compressor is working well. This was for a three year old high end refrigerator.

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antique refrigerator compressor replacement

Updating and Antique Fridge? Thread starter Natron Start date Jan 9, Help Support Homebrew Talk:. Natron Well-Known Member. Joined Nov 23, Messages Reaction score 3.

How to Install a Refrigerator Compressor

I have a sweet-looking old Fridgidaire from the 50's as my beer fridge and was wondering if there is any way to update it in order to make it more energy efficient. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this subject? I'm not an expert, but I think there are two ways to increase efficiency: 1.

More insulation. This makes the most difference, and is also the hardest to accomplish. New compressor with different refrigerant. Very expensive, and will only produce a minimal gain. I was afraid of that. I really love this fridge and I'm debating whether its worth it or not to keep using it and upgrading it to more faucets, or just going and getting a brand new one for a few hundred dollars.

Hermit fuddle.These are a sample of the models and makes that we have for sale, but does not display our complete inventory. Once you purchase an Unrestored Antique Refrigerator from our unrestored inventory we restore it to your specs.

Our refrigerator inventory is a selection of various manufacturers and styles that covers a wide range of decades. Many are absolute works of art, as well as those that offer really cool features and practical functions.

During our restoration process, we are modifying all original door closures and latch mechanisms so that the finished restored appliance meets USCPSC safety codes according to the Refrigerator Safety Act Codified at 15 U. As every manufacturer produced different door closure designs and even those varied from year to year and decade to decade, we take each refrigerator restoration on an individual basis to determine the most effective and safe method of modification for that particular refrigerator.

At Antique Appliances, we are dedicated to the safety of all our customers and their families, so we are taking this step in our restoration process to insure your restored vintage refrigerator is safe and functional for many years to come.

If you have questions regarding an antique, vintage or period refrigerator that you already own, please feel free to contact us directly by calling our office at Alternately, if you currently own an antique refrigerator and have questions, you can email pictures and questions regarding the appliance to: john antiqueappliances.

We do occasionally purchase vintage unrestored antique refrigerators. We are very selective. If you think you have an item that would be of interest to us, please send us two pictures of the item by e-mail to John john antiqueappliances. Photos should represent a full view of the front, one with the doors open and one with the doors closed. Please tell us your location so that we can appropriately consider our costs as related to purchasing your antique.

Box Clayton, GA. About Our Unrestored Antique Refrigerators Our refrigerator inventory is a selection of various manufacturers and styles that covers a wide range of decades.See if this will help you. Repair the hole and get it recharged but before doing that make an inquiry to your electric company as to how much it costs to run that refrigerator.

antique refrigerator compressor replacement

They are energy guzzlers. You might be surprised as to how much it costs a year. We had two of them at the cottage and when they went we just had an emotional good bye and moved on to a new one that saved us a lot of money. This is for you, Do not listen to these people that say they are energy hogs. These vintage refrigerators take about 3.

These refrigerators were made in the years when max power to house was 60 amps. Now we are standard amps. I used amp meter to measure compressor usage, its 3. They will run all day, in a heat soaked house trying to keep up.

Do not mistake frigs from vintage times with the frigs from 70's and 80's. Whole different system. If you use them cause of sentimental reasons, or cause they are neat looking. Get them fixed and use them.

antique refrigerator compressor replacement

Do not listen to these people. Energy hogs they are not. I just watched this done on a show called Salvage Dawgs.

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They are a salvage company out of Roanoke, Va. If you ever get a chance, go to their place and you will be amazed. I went last year and hope to go again this year.

Their show is on the DIY channel or you can watch some of their past episodes on line. They love to repurpose things. Hope this helps. Linda Duty I love that show. I am so sad that we don't have DIY on our package. They make the most unusual things and I love it. I want to work for them! Even if you can find someone to repair the refrigerator, you will find that it is a electricity guzzler, so why not consider repurposing the refrigerator, so you can still use it in a new way.

My first thought would be, how can I turn this into a storage cabinet, for it would definitely become a conversational piece. Do not listen to these people that say they are energy hogs.

They truly know nothing about These vintage frigs, and just repeat false statements that they heard.

Probably had a dry rotted door seal, and freezer was a solid ice block cause he never took care of it. This message is for you LD. I like the storage ideas.We cannot refund shipping charges. We are a leading source for antique appliance restoration! Category Refrigerator Parts Stove Parts. On a refrigerator, the electrical relay diverts power to the compressor for the start and run phase of operation. The original relay for most vintage refrigerators were made of bake-a-lite and housed a series of bi-metallic contact points see Sample photo of GE relay.

The SR will replace the original relay on most all vintage refrigerators. A relay must match up to it's compressor's capacity, so be sure to check the horsepower rating on your original system. This information is typically provided on a small tag on or near the compres sor.

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The SR is available in two horsepower ranges:. Because most vintage refrigerators lack original wiring diagrams and because color coding was not standardized, the installer should have a basic understanding of electrical circuitry in order to install this part. The SR comes with a basic wiring diagram; however, riginal wires may need to be traced to their terminal points. Top Sellers 1.

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Frigidaire 5400426 antique fridge - 1 - Checkout and initial repairs....

G Compression Door Gasket per foot. ES Frigidaire Broil Element.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Updating and Antique Fridge?

Thread: Retrofitting antique fridges. Retrofitting antique fridges. Hi all, I'm currently trying to restore some old fridges. Now my question is this: The original compressor is running on R fossil stuff. I want to change it over and run it onand change the compressor.

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to calculate what size compressor I will need? Cheers, Josh. Re: Retrofitting antique fridges If you were a fridgey you'd know this stuff. What are you doing with the old fridges, just restoring the exterior? Are they not working? Are you removing the condenser and evap, compressor etc?


What are you doing with the old R12? Are you changing the evap, capillary etc? You realise r12 is way better than ra, and if it's there, keep it there or get everything done professionally. Re: Retrofitting antique fridges Yes I am a fridgey.

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I have only been doing it full time for under a year now so I'm still learning these things. I am restoring all of it. Exterior, electrical and refrig side. The condenser and evap coils are remaining, I'm just changing the compressor. I have never had the chance to work out what size compressors are needed for different fridges so I thought I would put the question out there.

As for the R12, it will be getting reclaimed and sent back and replaced with a system. I do realise that R12 is better, yes, but the compressor is far to inefficent. Re: Retrofitting antique fridges Measure the cubic capacity of the fridge to size the compressor,or,depending on how old the cc of the old compressor should be on the label,easy then to cross reference.

Re: Retrofitting antique fridges. Originally Posted by ausjosh. Yes I am a fridgey.


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