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Prophetic word today

Welcome to Prophecy Today, the Christian web magazine dedicated to bringing the Love Divine How will they know, unless we tell them? A selection of the week's happenings to aid your prayers Monday, 13 April Teaching Articles Prophetic Insights Resources. Love Divine - Thursday, 09 April Death Defeated - Thursday, 09 April Passover in a Time of Plague - Thursday, 09 April San Remo Part 3 - Thursday, 09 April Living in Babylon - Thursday, 09 April The Community of Believers 8 - Thursday, 09 April Coronavirus: how to pray.

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A day of decision. Never waste a good crisis. How to do 'church' at home.

prophetic word today

Tests of Prophecy. The 'Great Shaking' foretold: Carmel and Jerusalem. Love Divine. Death Defeated. Passover in a Time of Plague. How to Study the End Times. San Remo Part 3. Living in Babylon. The Community of Believers 8. News in Brief, 9 April Review: The New Christian Zionism. Passover and the Purposes of God 09 April Read More Join our mailing list and receive our latest articles to your inbox.

Sign up now. Editorial Love Divine.Battling injustice? Get my free Prayer to Reverse Unjust Situations here! The Lord gave me several encouraging words today. They are not necessarily all for the same person. But if one of them is for you, I pray the Holy Spirit would minister that word directly into your spirit and use it to lift you up. You are tempted to quit something. Quitting would contradict everything you believe about what you've been called to do.

Quitting would contradict everything you understand from God's Word. But you are second-guessing yourself, and you worry you may not have been right in the first place.

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To you I say: don't quit. This is an attack from evil forces, seeking to derail you from reaching the next level.

Hang in there. Look to God, and He will help you understand what to do next. To one who is tired: Your tiredness is not from the Lord. The weariness in your bones is also an attack. Pray in the Spirit.

It will strengthen you. Look up! Your redemption draws near. I know it's tempting to think God is not hearing you and will not come through for you. But you're in the birth canal and you're a-l-m-o-s-t OUT! You're being squeezed tightest because God is bringing you into a new level of freedom that you've never known before.

Submit to God and the birthing will be easier.

prophetic word today

You're almost there! Choose you this day whom you will serve. If you and your house will serve the Lord, He will perfect all things that concern you. Bless the Lord at all times. Regardless of how you feel, praise Him and bless His name. Doing so will actually lift you out of the pit and set your feet upon a rock. Keeping your eyes on the Lord through praise and worship will eclipse everything else in your view.

The Lord is near to you, to comfort you. He lifts Himself up, that He may be gracious to you. Receive from His hand today. Welcome the Holy Spirit into your home, life, office, and vehicle right now. Ask Him to have His way with you today. Does one of these words speak to you today? If so, please leave a comment below.Click here to visit the store!

Do not doubt My Word and promises any longer.

prophetic word today

Your enemy the accuser of the brethren wants you to doubt everything that I have said to you and everything I have done in your life. Even he will see My goodness in the land where you are living! As a matter of fact, I am putting My seal upon you. No foe can withstand My validation. All of hell will have to recognize My power, authority, and rank with which I have validated you! You will walk in a supernatural unction never realized before.

He had so many flocks, herds, and servants that even the Philistines envied him. Your head will spin with where I am about to catapult you to. My servant Amos describes it perfectly, saying:. Everything will be happening at once and everywhere you look, blessings!

So, get ready to mount up with wings as the eagles.

prophetic word today

Get ready to soar as I catapult you through every open door before the return of your great God and Savior, ME! Territory has always been—and always will be—on the mind of your foe, satan.

He has been a thief, murderer, liar, and destroyer ever since I discovered iniquity that was found in him. However, this brand-new decade will bring about a determination and grit inside of you.

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You will have the determination and grit to no longer stand on the outside of your dream and purpose, looking in. Instead, in this year of and beyond, you will seize territory with every step you take. You will take over their land.

Every place upon which you set your foot will be yours. I will give you every place upon which you set your foot, as I promised Moses. I will give you the Key of David. I will open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open. My people have been held up and held back, and now is the time to believe for ALL that I have promised. While you are still speaking, I will hear you!

There is not only coming a door of opportunity, but multiple doors of opportunities. Promotion, possibilities, favor, promise, advancement, and success are all around you. Look for them; and when you see them, seize them!The Father says today, let your mouth pray. Verbalized faith-filled prayer is powerful prayer that moves the mountain and opens the heavens. Pray the solution, not the problem. Pray the end result and not the process.

In My word, I have promised you a certain and sure outcome, but I retain sovereign control over how or by what means I choose to answer that prayer.

Elijah would not have chosen to be fed by ravens, but he was fed nonetheless. He would not have preferred to require a starving widow to make him a cake first, but his belly was filled regardless.

"Prophecy About the Coronavirus"

Understand in your heart that My answer will stretch you. Understand that how I work in your life will offend your religious sensibilities … click link or title to continue. The Father says today, My kingdom is voice-activated and motion-activated. Take a moment and examine what you are saying and what you are doing. Waiting and waiting only produces more waiting. I say to you that you have a staff of authority in your hand and a word of command in your mouth.

What is in your hand? Moses understood this, and the people crossed over on dry land. My promise in the Old Covenant was to bless whatever the people put their hand to. I challenge you, says the Father — put your … click link or title to continue. The Father says today, feed today on My word and allow your spirit to soar to new heights.

My word embedded in your human spirit sets the preamble for what happens next in your life. Make it your determination that the Logos and the Rhema of My word will ever be the dominant narrative that you feed on and put your attention on at all times.

Remember beloved, that you are where your attention takes you. If your focus is on calamity, misfortune, or disaster, then you have set the parameters of what your future will become.

You must tear yourself away from all surmisings, expostulations, or dark visions of some cataclysmic end. The apocalypses in My word are the revealing of Christ, of who … click link or title to continue.

Russ Walden is a prophet and marketplace apostle with over 30 years of service in the Kingdom of God. Russ and Kitty minister in the prophetic with astonishing accuracy bringing breakthrough to people longing to see their destiny in life fulfilled. Russ was born again in and called to the ministry in through an open vision of the cross and the throne of God.

He served as a pastor in several churches in the southern states and as a top level denominational leader before launching into a world-wide traveling ministry. The ministry exploded with growth and has since that time taken them around the world. Russ has seen cancers and terminal diseases reversed through the power of prayer and the gifts of the Spirit.

Each day Prophet Russ releases a powerful word that reaches overeach month. Russ brings a new dimension of personal empowerment to the prophetic through his dynamic and positive anointing.

Russ flows in prophetic wisdom drawn from a lifetime of revelatory inquiry into the deep things of God. Russ and his wife Kitty have a passion to raise up a relevant prophet generation through mentoring, prophetic schools, and personal ministry. For more information visit www.Subscribe to your free daily word by email. Today, hope is failing with eyes not seeing. For as you trust in me, your thoughts are renewed with hope, and your heart begins to beat in a true, healthy rhythm — no longer overwhelmed, no longer failing you.

Hope, which was flickering and diminishing within, returns inside of you right now. It comes with the power of the Holy Spirit to awaken, stir and invigorate your whole being to be clothed afresh and to walk with hope again. Psalm No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause.

For as you trust in me, your. This is the hour of consecration. Honour me in all things. Turn from the carnal. Will the wisdom.

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It is time to come deeper. I call you to the deeper places of my heart! I want you to know how precious you are. The world is standing on tiptoes while. Just as you have tried to box me in, I have boxed you in.

This is for you to understand the vastness of my glory. I have pressed the reset button over the nations, over my church and over you. There is a returning to me as first love, a. Every day, Monday-Friday, our team send out these personal prophetic words around the world. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you today? Lion Bites Daily Prophetic Words. Lion Bites Daily Prophetic Words Daily, personal, prophetic words, written to encourage, strengthen and comfort you.

Walk with Hope — your Lion Bites word for today 7th April Walk with Hope — your Lion Bites word for today Today, hope is failing with eyes not seeing. Come Deeper — your Lion Bites word for today It is time to come deeper. Get Noisy! Embrace the Reset — your Lion Bites word for today I have pressed the reset button over the nations, over my church and over you.They shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.

As human beings, we know that it is better to give than to receive. As Believers, we know that we were created and called to serve others. Will you accept the call? For some, the call would look like taking care of orphans, being a father and a mother to the fatherless, taking action for racial inequality or speaking up on how religion is not founded in love. God grants us favor when we are aligned with our purposes so that He can use us to accomplish His divine purpose on the earth.

We are all called to advocate for someone. This season, there is a special grace to align with your destiny The Lord says, "These are the days of the Great Return.

( Prophetic Word ) "BLESSED ARE YOU"

Yes, these are the days of the Great Return. For I will have My R. These will be known as the days of the Great Return. For those who have turned from Me will turn to Me once again. They'll turn and they'll turn and they'll turn. They return to Me.

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They'll turn and come back to Me. They'll turn and they'll come back to My house. The backslider will return. The wayward ones will return. Nations will return back to the place of the foot of My Cross, back to the place of worship. I will have My return on My investment. The Blood of My Son was not shed in vain.

The seed that I sowed will bring forth a harvest. You will see it in these days There is power in the Blood of Jesus. If you only celebrate Resurrection Sunday once a year, you're missing out! You can live and walk in resurrection power every day.

We all know that on Resurrection Day we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection. We are all thankful that Christ went willingly to the grave in order to provide us with His abundant life, for NOW and for eternity. As I already mentioned, many only celebrate this once a year, but because He lives and His Blood still speaks, we can operate in resurrection power every day of our lives! Jesus death, burial and resurrection were always a part of God's eternal plan.

Revelation states that even before the world was created, the Lamb was slain. This means that both you and I were on His mind before He created the world. God knew that mankind would fall and that it would require a blood sacrifice to redeem each of us.For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

How can you be ready for prophetic words? What are the most essential things in your Christian living? First, being a Christian means hearing straight from God. This is a unique trait of a Christian. When a believer commits himself to Christ, he gave the benefit of speaking to that believer directly. God uses prophets, but when you have a deep relationship with Christ, you are likely to discern his word.

Obeying His commandments are the next thing you need to do in order to be ready for prophetic words. In fact, it delights you when you follow His lead. Scripture confirms that by following His commandments, God gives His wisdom and grace. It is important to personally hear from him. This is the normal pattern of every believer — hearing from God, obeying His commands, and using His wisdom for a successful Christian living.

Why is it important to be ready for prophecies? What is the importance of prophecies? How can you tell if you are ready to receive a prophecy? When you are too overwhelmed with the prophecy and you feel not comfortable about it, then maybe you are not yet ready to receive this blessing.

But, when you are energized with this word, then this is the perfect time for you to receive and thank God for it. Your faith is a great contributing factor to your readiness. You have to arm yourself with the grace and power of God for you to be ready of His abundant blessings. He has great plans for each one of us. Have faith and be ready for prophetic words. You can right now receive an accurate free prophecy from Bishop Jordan also known as the Master Prophet E.

Bernard Jordan. You will receive a free prophecy by email under 48 hours. A personal word of prophecy just for you. God Bless. I really need your prayers, even though iam able to communicate with God, I need support from my brothers and sisters like you.

Now pray for me that I become strong in the word of God and more effective in serving him. Yes thankful and marry Xmas to yu propeth of god. PLSE pray for my family to break through in the coming year Hello good day am bright ene ,I am a new partner since February which I have been paying my monthly but I havent get code I am so much worried about it,can you please help me over this. I give thanks to the son of god who have given me a light to see where is my success in life.

Thank you Lord Jesus! I give thanks to the son of god, who have given me the light to see where is my success in life.


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