Resin price chart

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Resin price chart

Register Forgot your password? Spot Contract. The Spot Polyethylene market continued to hang in there, prices have been easing, but not cratering, amid these challenging pandemic conditions. While our transacted volumes were still off from the heavy turnover seen during the first quarter, this past week brought a fresh breath of optimism as financial markets continued to recover and a light at the end of the tunnel of this Coronavirus crisis could almost be seen.

There were still plenty of w Although improved, most additional supply was in the form of fresh railcars to ship, while buyers were generally only looking for spot truckloads, which were difficult to source and often met with a price disconnect. With energy and feedstock prices down substantially over t Forgot your password?

Plastics Links. Resin Markets. Spot Contract Resin. Total Spot: 11, lbs. Industry News.

resin price chart

Market Updates. Greif, Inc. Polyethylene The Spot Polyethylene market continued to hang in there, prices have been easing, but not cratering, amid these challenging pandemic conditions. Patent Protected All Rights Reserved.PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylenea strong, tough, waxy, non-flammable kind of synthetic resin produced from polymerization process. Polytetrafluoroethylene is a kind of synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene with a wide variety of applications.

The best-recognized brand for this material is Chemours a spin-off of DuPont inwhich originally discovered it in It is a strong, tough, waxy, non-flammable synthetic resin produced by the process of polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. The major use of polytetrafluoroethylene polymer nowadays is to be used as coatings for nonstick cookware.

This resin was discovered accidentally when he found that a tank of gaseous tetrafluoroethylene refrigerant had polymerized into a white powder. Later, at the time of Second World War, it was used as a corrosion resistant coating to protect metal equipment being used for handling radioactive materials. After many years of world war, this resin could still not gain commercial utilization due to its slippery nature and high melting point until DuPont release it with a trademark of Teflon-Coated nonstick cookware in As tetrafluoroethylene can explosively decompose into tetrafluoromethane and carbon, a variety of special apparatus is used to prevent hot spots that can cause harmful side reactions.

The process is initiated by persulfate which is homolyzed to produce sulfate radicals. Later the resultant polymer is terminated with sulfate ester groups that can be hydrolyzed to produce the end groups of the polymer. As this material is soluble in almost every solvent thus, the process of polymerization using surfactants such as PFOS is conducted as an emulsion in water.

The main raw materials of polytetrafluoroethylene are Chloroform, Fluorspar, and hydrochloric acid. The trade gap is closing since past few years.

China is the largest exporter of PTFE material globally. The second largest exporter in was the United States. The United is the largest importer of polytetrafluoroethylene. The United States is also the second largest exporter of polytetrafluoroethylene. Non-stick cookware is the major driver of the market. The growing automotive sector in these regions is also pushing the demand for polytetrafluoroethylene.

PTFE has been one of the dominant fluoropolymers witnessing a significant amount of growth in recent years and is expected to gain more growth along with popularity in coming years.

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It is primarily available in powder form such as fine, micronized and also in aqueous dispersion. This material is being widely used in several applications in form of mechanical components and as coating materials. Primary end-user industries served by these resins include chemical processing, mechanical, food, household, automotive, electronics and many others.

Polyethylene prices, news and analysis

The Asia Pacific proves to be the largest market for these materials because of cheap availability of raw materials, skilled labor, land, and equipment. The demand in North America and Europe are due to increase use of the material in growing chemical and industrial processing in these regions along with demand in growing automotive industry. Polytetrafluoroethylene is more than just being slippery.

It has a number of properties which make it applicable to a variety of industrial and end-segment uses. These basic properties include:.

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It is one of the most known chemically inert forms of material used in many varied applications and industries. Properties- Highly chemical resistant to wide temperature range.ICIS price assessments for polyethylene PE are widely used by market players globally in contracts and trade deals.

Our reports provide you spot and contract prices for key PE grades, as well as feedstock prices and trends drawn from our global network of trusted sources.

ICIS offers short-to-long term solutions — from historical and forecast pricing data, news and market analysis, to supply and demand forecasts, ensuring you can evaluate the markets from every angle. Request a free sample price report. Regional supply in southeast Asia gradually reduced towards the end ofwith limited year-end destocking, amid lower production rates on the back of weak margins.

Demand across southeast Asia remained tepid amid bearish market sentiment and weak consumer markets. Most converters and traders are keeping inventory low and purchasing on a as-needed basis amid a market downtrend due to availability of multiple supply sources.

European polyethylene PE was facing a new swathe of imports — mainly from the US — at the end of Several other large scale plants are coming on stream, in Russia, Malaysia and China.

Polymers Market : Plastics News and Resin Prices

PE prices in Europe have subsequently plummeted. Local prices have held up better but competition is fierce. The spread between ethylene and PE is low. Q4 demand was mixed.

Epoxy resins prices, markets & analysis

Buyers with end-year volume rebates in place continued to buy, while others aimed to end the year with low stocks, for accounting purposes. Spot activity tailed off towards the end of Q4 and North American traders with fresh US product offered very low prices to interest buyers. Large buyers with links to brand owners generally eschewed these offers, but those who could take such volumes took advantage of the low prices.

US polyethylene PE supply remained long in the fourth quarter. Average operating rates were said to be high while overall US production was higher following the start up of several large scale new plants in the past several years. Domestic demand slowed in the fourth quarter, following general seasonal patterns. November and December are two of the slowest months of the year in terms of demand.It is the most commonly used plastic globally.

The polymer is labeled as 2 plastic, primarily found in plastic bags, refill plastic bottles or milk jugs etc.

The polymer with high-density ration is majorly used for producing plastic bottles, pipes which are corrosion resistant, geomembranes and plastic lumber. High-density plastics have several distinguishing properties which make it ideal for the packaging industry. It is stronger than standard polyethylene and is a strong barrier against moisture, also maintains its solid state at odd temperatures.

As it creates no harmful emissions in the production process and during its consumption cycle, it has become the most preferred kind of thermoplastic. It leaks no toxic waste in soil or water which makes it more environmentally friendly. Recently it is seen that there is a large shift in demand for this polymer than other polymers.

The polymer waste can be easily recycled to create new reusable eco-friendly products. Recycle HDPE is primarily used to manufacture lawn and garden products, automobile parts, office products, and crates etc. Polyethylene is one of the most used polymer globally.

The production of polyethylene polymer globally was million tons in The production for high-density polyethylene on was The leading region for production of high-density polyethylene polymer is Asia and Middle-East. In past few years, there is a shift in major production region from North America to Asian and Middle East. This is due to most of the incremental production capacity has been added to this region. Asia is the leading region in the production of high-density polyethylene.

China is the leading country in the production of the polymer in Asia. Middle-East and China are the fastest growing regions in addition to new production capacity.

The growth rate in the forecasted period will be 4. It is a versatile product applicable to a variety of applications and uses ranging from consumables packaging, beverage bottles, cosmetics, care products, household goods to technical parts and even products used in construction industry.

The major driving factor of the high-density polyethylene market is from growing demand of in the packaging industry. Rise in demand for plastic pipes being widely used as a substitute for domestic plumbing is the major driving force for this material in the global market.

Even growing Solar Panel industry in Asian-Pacific regions has resulted in increased demand for High-density polyethylene over the forecast period.It is a synthetic polymer made of monomer styrene.

Polypropylene Production Capacity, Market and Price

PS is made by the polymerization of styrene which is a kind of building block material used to produce a variety of plastic products. It also occurs naturally strawberries, cinnamon, coffee and beer. This plastic polymer is a natural transparent thermoplastic that is available in both forms solid as well as a rigid foam material. Generally used PS material is clear, hard and brittle in properties.

It is commonly used plastic to produce a variety of end segment products. The solid form of plastic is widely used to produce products which require clarity.

These are often used with a combination of colorants, additives and other forms of plastics to produce goods such as electronic appliances, automobile parts, gardening pots, equipment etc. The solid form of this material is commonly used for medical device applications test tubes, Petri dishes etc or for day to day items like smoke detectors, CDs, food containers, coffee cups etc.

The foam form of the polymer is commonly used for as a packaging material for a variety of products. It is produced like other plastic polymers through a polymerization process. This polymer result when the styrene monomers interconnect with each other during polymerization. In this process the carbon IT bond of the vinyl group breakdown and form a new carbon bond, further attaching to the carbon of another styrene monomer in the chain.

The newly formed bond is much stronger than the last one that is why it becomes difficult to de-polymerize the polymer. This is commercially an important form of PS produced. To produce atactic PS phenyl groups are randomly distributed on both sides of the polymer chain. This random positioning prevents chains from aligning and provide sufficient amount of regularity to achieve the desired crystallinity.

In this process of polymerization, phenyl groups are positioned on the alternate sides of the hydrocarbon backbone.

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In the production of polymer generally, four polymerization process and three foaming methods are brought into use. Global PS capacity in was China was the leading countries with highest production capacity.

Asia is the leading region accounting for the largest share of global production capacity of the polymer. It occupied The Asian region is the largest market for the PS plastics is also responsible for more than half of the global production capacity. PS plastic market has been growing rapidly since last few years and is also expected to increase in coming years also.

PS is a versatile plastic with a number of uses in different end segment markets. PS is widely used to produce daily use consumer products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, computers and disposable utensils foamed cups, plates and bowls.

resin price chart

The major factors driving PS market are population growth, increasing urbanization and industrialization, increased middle-class income. Packaging and electronics sector are two major prominent sectors which have witnessed the growth in demand for PS in recent years and are also anticipated to further fuel the growth of global PS market. China is expected to be the largest market for PS for the year which is followed by other emerging economies in Asian- Pacific regions.As you research resin prices, be aware that there is no one definitive source for this information.

There are simply too many factors that go into determining resin pricing for a single index to contain. This website has been a trusted source of plastics information since its launch in Plastics News provides pricing across two volume categories.

You can also see whether the price has gone up or down in the past week, as well as whether a price increase is pending. To gain full access to these resources, you need a paid subscription to Plastics News. You can also register for a free membership to gain access to custom offers and email updates. A noteworthy caveat is that The Plastics Exchange is a clearinghouse for buying and selling resin.

Their listed prices are highly competitive, but they may not reflect the actual pricing your supplier will be able to provide. However, note the caveat above — the listed prices may not accurately reflect what your supplier can provide. RecycleInMe is a decent resource for recycled resin pricing.

Amazing Table of Flowers and Epoxy resin. Удивительный стол из цветов и эпоксидной смолы.

Current info, in-depth analysis, and price comparison tools are reserved for subscribers. In any case, this is a good free resource to confirm historical pricing data for recycled resin. The most important thing to consider is that good blow mold suppliers are always transparent with their resin price structure and will quote you prices when you are requesting a project.

Resin prices from the sources mentioned above can vary widely and it is not uncommon to see resin prices that are well below the actual current market rates. Custom-Pak prides itself on being a helpful, honest resource for companies interested in building blow molded products.

resin price chart

At Custom-Pak we are always happy to answer your questions. Please let us know how we can help you. Call or contact us today!

With that disclaimer in mind, here are four resources you can use to find resin prices online. Plastics News This website has been a trusted source of plastics information since its launch in In Asia and the US, the price assessments focus on liquid spot.

In Europe and the US, contract prices are for liquid and solid grades. These reliable and unbiased prices are collated by our locally based reporters and the news and analysis about production issues, upstream and downstream movements, plus supporting graphs all go towards making this an essential resource if you are buying or selling in the market.

Request a free sample price report Market Overview Updated to Q4 Supply was tighter earlier in the quarter, stemming from maintenance closures at some regional plants, but normalcy was restored towards the end of the quarter, after all maintenance work was completed and the plants fully restarted. Demand within China was steady, supported by firm requirements from the wind energy sector, which made up to some extent losses from the fledging automobile industry.

But outside of China, buying appetite remains muted, both on the back of a seasonal year-end demand lull, but also because the global economic downturn continued to weigh down downstream sentiment. European epoxy resins demand seasonally slows during the fourth quarter, because the main downstream construction sector heads into low season.

Supply and demand were steady, with availability of both domestic and imported material healthy. There were no domestic production issues and the market continued to see an influx of imports from Asia, although pressure from imports lessened at the end of the year.

Overseas suppliers were keen to export cargoes, but volatility in China diverted some material away from the US, so domestic prices ended up pushing flat at the year-end. Demand was soft in the fourth quarter.

The main reason is that demand was slow on seasonality and it was also limited by under performance in certain sectors amid global economic headwinds.

In general, sentiment was subdued. Market players continued to seek competitively priced imports, but overseas suppliers became increasingly reluctant to lower prices amid feedstock volatility. Request a free sample price report How we can help Epoxy resins news and market information products from ICIS We offer the following regional Epoxy resins analysis and news coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Epoxy resins marketplace.

ICIS offers reports on over commodities across the global petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Information covered in our price reports includes:. Produced by the ICIS Consulting team, these reports give a robust rolling month price forecast, trade balances and in-depth analysis into where markets are heading — providing a valuable tool to support your short- to medium-term plans.

Here you can view your reports and also access other useful services including related news, analysis, historical data and market alerts. ICIS weekly margin reports deliver the detail you need to understand how production costs and prices are affecting margins, enabling you to judge the likely impact on your business and optimise your upstream and downstream business decisions. The Supply and Demand Window on the ICIS Dashboard provides a snapshot view of historical and forecast information for supply and demand, production capacity and trade flows — a key tool to help safeguard future investments within the chemicals market.

If you want to keep updated on the factors driving price movements in the global chemical markets, ICIS Chemical Business provides a summary of the information you need to support your business decisions.

Every week, our global team of experts digests and summarises the key issues and their potential impact on the market — all in one magazine. An expert view of supply and demand comprising four fully-reconciled databases, giving you access to extensive data for more than markets.

Information is included on global and regional trade flows, production, capacity and sources of demand in the short- medium- and long-term. Data can be downloaded, customised and queried to support your planning requirements and your strategic decisions. ICIS provides specialist training courses across the global petrochemicals, base oils and fertilizers industries.

Our training team of industry experts can help you increase your knowledge of the industry and gain the insight and know-how needed to operate and trade effectively. ICIS produces a series of highly informative and timely conferences. Extensive research is carried out to ensure that each programme delivers the information you need and addresses current industry issues. We source speakers who have the appropriate expertise and experience to deliver excellent quality papers.

Working closely with you to understand your strategies, challenges and ambitions, the ICIS consulting team deliver tailored advice and solutions to suit your unique requirements. ICIS expert consultants can provide your organisation with the insight, intelligence and data needed to build and grow your business in China. We can help you to gain a clear view on the short and long-term supply and demand picture in the chemicals, energy, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and paper and pulp markets in China.

ICIS price assessments are based on information gathered from a wide cross-section of the market, comprising consumers, producers, traders and distributors from more than reporters world-wide. Confirmed deals, verified by both buyer and seller, provide the foundation of our price assessments. Our in-depth market knowledge drives our specialist focus, as we recognise the importance of individual market dynamics and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Over 25 years of reporting on key chemicals markets, including Epoxy resins, has brought global recognition of our methodology as being unbiased, authoritative and rigorous in preserving our editorial integrity. Our global network of reporters in Houston, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Mumbai, Perth and Moscow ensures unrivalled coverage of established and emerging markets.


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